About us

Rushail publications is a publishing house which combines book marketing with publishing to ensure maximum reach and to encourage aspiring writers. Offers various publishing, book printing and distribution option to both authors and publishers from in India

As an innovative publishing house, Rushail Publications bags some more wonders in theirs to do list. “Going forward, we are focusing on book marketing along with the publishing. We plan to do offline events and social media updates, while looking forward to partnership and collaboration with other platforms. Within 3-4 months, we will be hosting a brand new offline event, where writers can come and pitch their book live and they would get the publishing agreement then and there. And in the next 2-3 years, we are expecting to come up with more books, new genres and lots of new projects like double header and co-authors projects. So, the whole point is we are trying to widen the reading cultures as well as encourage the new talents in India”.

Set up with a vision to provide aspiring authors a change to showcase their work to a national audience. We partner with those who have more to offer than money and virality and our relationship are based on trust and mutual benefit like any meaningful relationship. Success cannot be attributed to one person and Rushail publications exist because of the persistent effort of all our writers, editors, artists and all the associated people.

We have intellectually curious and aesthetically refined readers, who are in constant search for a platform with exceptional quantitylities rather than just the proliferating quantity of publications.