Rushail is a self-publishing company that simplifies the author’s journey by providing an easy to use publishing platform. We help authors publish, print, distribute and sell their books and offer royalty.

Self-publishing is the publication of any book by its author without the active involvement of an established/traditional publisher. The author is in control of the entire publication process, including cover design and interior layout, book formats (Paperback/E-book), price-control, global/national distribution, cost-effective marketing strategies, and public relation services.

Rushail Publications is a self-publishing company, offers the above mentioned services, giving you the full authority and complete control on the publication of your brain-child.

While the author creates the manuscript, there are a host of other things that need to be done to get a book market-ready. For example, an author who only has the manuscript ready will require services such as cover designing, typesetting, eBook creation, print and distribution services to successfully sell his/her eBook & print. If you chose BUUKS, you need to pay only for the services that you choose to buy.

Your book will be published in about a month or two, based on the services/package that you choose.

Once your book/eBook has been made available on our partner book stores, you will be able to track the sales of your book under “Dashboard” section of the RUSHAIL platform.

You will own 100% rights of your work and a certificate will be issued by the Registrar of India, Copyrights Registration Department if you choose to buy Copyrights service.

At RUSHAIL, we work on a Print-On-Demand model where we print books based on customer demand.

The sale of a book is completely dependent on the merit of the content and effective marketing.

Authors have the complete authority in pricing their book. Few things to consider before pricing your book will be:
  • Your target audience’s affordability
  • Printing & Distribution Cost
  • Price of other books in the same genre and category
Our Project Managers compare price of other books in the same genre to the price of your book to arrive at an ideal MRP. This will help your book to be priced competitively in the market.

Self-publishing is not a business that has a fixed timeline for ROI and it works differently for every author. Few authors take months and few authors take years to meet their ROI. Despite all that, we will support our authors by offering marketing services to drive the sales of your book.

Marketing means creating awareness, visibility and publicity for your book and Distribution means making your books available on leading eBook and Print book selling platforms for your readers to buy.

You will receive the Print Ready Files of your book, before your book goes for print. Only on your approval, the files will be sent for Printing.

Though rejection is solely the editing panel’s decision, the following points would form the basis of it. The manuscript should not
  • Be communal in any way.
  • Be an emulation of some other work.
  • Be sexually explicit.
  • Hurt somebody’s religious or cultural beliefs.
Yes! If at any point in time you want to discontinue our services, all you need to do is send us an email or make a phone call. We would have no issues providing you a NOC (No Objection Certificate). But till the time you don’t do so, it would be illegal and unethical for you to get your book printed and marketed from any other source.

Yes of course you can customize the package according to your needs. For example if you like the Essential package and want editing service, then just customize your package by visiting our packages menu.